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Sunday, October 21, 2012

L.J. Holmes Presents :MAYBE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Christy McKee

What must it be like to suddenly find out someone in the

big world out there has the power to right a wrong done so very long ago, and in that one act, forever

Everyone has

dreams...and some of us have dreams we secretly do not for a moment believe we can ever achieve...That is

Gabrielle's March's reality. Tucked away in her

dream chest she clings to an image of herself with her name emblazoned across the cover of a book

SHE actually wrote...but at 32 reality is miles away from her daring to take such a chance...I mean really, let's face it, life requires us to all live in the REAL world.


Elizabeth Hastings, a woman of unbelievable wealth and power

extends her hand to right an old wrong...an old wrong that deprived Gabrielle's father of a bottom line with numbers stretching like a

magical carpet of possibilities into the

seven plus digits.

Could it be...maybe...just maybe she can

open the latch on her secret chest and let her

inner muse soar?

How can that be? Having a windfall doesn't suddeny mean she has the talent to reach that unimaginable

...does it?


But then again, maybe Gabrielle's

Magic Carpet Ride has arrived...

Can she place all her doubts behind her, reach for the brass ring, and if she does, will Elizabeth's son, the divorced head of the current

Hasting's conglomerate bring her back down to that REAL world once more?

MAYBE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Christy McKee released in August 2011 from

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc...and the buzz is


So step into the queue and claim your copy of this brilliant new voice's debut classic and then do like the rest of us, be ready, willing, and eager to snatch up the next Christy McKee original.

Available at MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING, INC. and where fine e-books are sold.


Heather Haven said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful book! And, Lin, you have not lost your touch.

Christy McKee said...

What a wonderful surprise I woke up to this morning! Lin, thank you so much for presenting my book in such a visual and positive way. Also, thank you for the insights you shared with me earlier about the "business."


Lin said...

Heather...I love you Darling. Wait till you see tomorrows THE POWER OF TRUTH...

Christy, Darling...that's what we're here for...helping each other. And I'm really glad you like what I did for your book.