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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feeling the Pain

To one and all...

I know my blogging can be a real pain in the patootie, but I have so much to say, and Kat gets really irritated when I try to repeat it...admittedly with different words...again, and again, and again. (She's my best friend but there's only so much she can take before she starts throwing her pillows at me...and she's got her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flaring...yep she's definitely aiming for my head...So here I am to bug...torment...and tantalize all of you. (It's safer.)

I was just over at the P&E poll and found we need some help.

In the book cover section Kat's BREATHTAKING cover by the fantastic SUZANNAH SAFI is tied with others in tenth place. Look at this. Does it belong JUST in tenth place?

I agree...NO IT DOES NOT! So here's the direct link to that category. http://critters.org/predpoll/bookart.shtml

Moving on Kat and I have nothing in the HORROR section but our friend SB KNIGHT has his
Born of Blood (The Blood Chronicles)
BORN OF BLOOD taking the readers by storm. Right at this moment he's in THIRD PLACE.

Well Done Sir Brian. However if any of you haven't yet voted, here's the direct link to his category.

Romance is a tough genre to be competing in because there are a LOT of really excellent stories created in this one.

Kat and I have two books in this category but the one we both are most excited about making the poll is HER LAST DAY...

why? Be cause it's our first collaboration. Currently it is tied for 14th place.

DANCES AT DAWN by Kat is tied for 15th place. 

If you haven't voted yet here's the direct link to this category.

Science Fiction and Fantasy are presented together and yeah, Kat has some books here too...(To whomever nominated our works...from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.) Kat has two of her books in this category and boy howdy do we need your help.

Reflections of Ice, the sequel to last year's P&E winner

 FROZEN is waiting and tied at position 15 and her other story, her debut vampire book

HIDDEN is tied at 17.  So I only have one more thing to say about this category...

I just turned sixty-one, and yet I actually have a book in the EROTICA section. I'm not going to quote that tired old cliche about snow on the roof.


THE HIDDEN GLADE is tied for 10th place. Not bad but a part of me hopes this special place that so nurtured me as a young girl struggling with the complications of adolescence will somehow find a higher niche for itself. The cover alone, done by the amazing Marion Sipe should earn it a higher place overall...right?

I am so very proud of my dear friend Heather Haven. Right now her mystery story
Death Runs in the Family (The Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series)
DEATH RUNS IN THE FAMILY is book THREE in her Alvarez Family Series. http://critters.org/predpoll/novelmys.shtml

The next place Kat and or I have books is the ALL OTHER NOVELS. This book, like HER LAST DAY, is dear to me. This is almost autobiographical...see I died...are you intrigued? This book faithfully defines what happened to me after I died.

LIFE'S JOURNEY...if you never read anything else of mine, please, please, please, read this one...and please vote for it at P&E's ALL OTHER NOVELS section.

 http://critters.org/predpoll/novel.shtml Thank you.

Moseying on...the next category Kat or I have books in is...ALL OTHER SHORT STORIES...In this category I have

SHE'S GONE. This is another story I am extremely proud of. It tugs at your heart and makes you want to cry. Right now it is tied for seventh place.
Also in this category is my friend Heather Haven and her book

CORLISS She's tied for 1st place. Well done Heather. Keep it up.

So I'm on my knees...okay I'm on my knees because my spinal cord gave out...I'm STILL on my knees, and as long as I'm down here I might as well beg...right? So I'm begging please go in and vote your vote.

And now before I fall asleep and end up using my keyboard as a pillow...for my face...I'm gonna say THANK YOU and GOOD NIGHT and crawl myself to bed.

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