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Thursday, January 31, 2013


For those of you NEW to being IN THE KNOW...

Mount Olympus USED to be such a happening place...back before mankind realized scraping the bottom of their barrel to leave all manner of wealth and food stuffs in the

temples of the gods didn't really earn them any favors...(and who the hell can afford to shore up a bunch of over indulgent losers anyway?)...you know, back before the world wide financial crunch hit and

 Zeus' rage about not being adored as he had long demanded came to the forefront. 

Mt. Olympus also used to be and in his mind still is THEE place to hang for all his equally arrogant godlings, but Zeus is the laziest codger, and still determined to maintain his sybaritic lifestyle..a lifestyle he is about to lay upon his family to put noses to grindstones and work hard to maintain for him.

He begins sending his family of godlings down to work amongst us plebian humans so he can continue swinging bolts without having to exert his muscles earning his

ambrosia highs.

Isn't it nice to know that the daddy god of all gods can make humongous mistakes?

Prior to Zeus' need for his offspring to support him, he'd convinced his baby gods just how disgustingly unworthy humans are...

Imagine how he feels now that one after another after another of his family are finding love...the real kind...the kind that will make them happier than they ever could be waltzing around his Olympus throne?...And with...be still my

racing heart...HUMANS?

Kat Holmes has been on the spot documenting each new mating...AS they've happened.

It started with

Aprhrodite...or Goddess on a Half Shell.

Down here she owns and operates her own

Computer Dating Service and is really, really good at it...To read her story check Kat Holmes' Gods At Work Series...Book One, WORKING UNDER COVERS.

Coming out this Friday 2/1/13 is the next GAW...this one called UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON. It tells

Artemis' story. Artemis owns her own Nature School that allows macho guys who never do more than lob a

 paper clip or two at their office

ROUND-FILE to take on

Nature at her most rustic...while flexing their "flaccid" muscles before Diana Fox.

Artemis (Diana) may look petite, but man can she haul her way up the churning 

rapids, lob off an arrow from

her bow with dead-on accuracy, and beat back the nasties waiting to torment and challenge her clients every step of the way.

And being a

goddess in hiding, sort of, she can read the needs of others with a precision guaranteed to make macho men

quiver in their boots.

UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON...book number six.

Back Cover
Ryan Sadler’s world fell apart with the senseless death of his wife. Now a single father, he struggles to reconnect with his angry and defiant son. In a last ditch effort he takes them on a nature survival course deep in the wilds of North Carolina.

Artemis works among mortals, known only as Diana Fox. With her friend and partner she runs a nature and wilderness school. But when she meets Ryan and his son Charlie, business is the last thing on her mind.

Ryan just wants to rebuild his relationship with his son. Artemis just wants to run her business without entanglements. But when Charlie’s life is threatened, the huntress goddess will be forced to make tough choices that could make or break three lives.

1.) WORKING UNDER COVERS...Aphrodite's Tale.
2.) HEART OF THE QUEEN... Hera's happily ever-after.
3.) IN DEATH'S ARMS...Hades rebirth
4.) CRIMSON WATERS...Poseidon's splash among us.
5.) DANCES AT DAWN...Apollo's musical journey.
6.) UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON...Aretmis' trek through danger.

All of the above are available at

Muse It Up Publishing, Amazon.com and where fine e-books are sold.


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