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Friday, July 5, 2013


What is a

Harley Davidson Motorcycle doing in the

16th Century?

Excellent question, right...would you believe it's a Time Machine?

I know...I had a hard time believing it when

Nudge, my infernal inner voice started channeling that to me too...but it's turned into one

HOT story that my publisher says is one of my best stories....THAT worries me since Nudge channeled it to me in about a

half hour.

That sounds weird, doesn't it? Sounds weird to me too, and I was there.

The way it works is

Nudge nudges me to grab pen and paper, I get as comfortable as anyone can who's about to give themselves over to an exacting task mistress, she pushes my mind aside and takes over. Through my fingers she writes our story, never letting up until she's done...and only then does she return control of me back to me.

So if this is the best I've ever written, she's gonna get such a swelled ego and start taking over more and more. Right now she's trying to convince me we need to write a hot story about a

candle flame that becomes human...NOW can you understand why it scares the bejeeburs out of me that this MAY be the best I've ever written? Nudge wants to take us into new territory, and I think I'm too old for where she wants to go...

So I need your help...I need you to grab
THE WEDDING NIGHT and tell Nudge that although it's okayyyyy, it is NOT my best. It's gonna take some convincing, so I really need you all to come through for me on this...please!

Here's a bit from THE WEDDING NIGHT...just to get you in the groove....

What to tell her, he speculated. How does one describe something as alien to a person as innocent of the twenty-first century as his young wife? He could imagine the confusion describing his home land, the one she thinks of as Harley will bring to her beautiful face.
In his mind’s eye, he saw the excursion he’d made to Harley just last week with Shaundra’s father. The wide-eyed wonder written across the eyes of the elder man taking in the marvels of twenty-first century earth, still brought an amused chuckle to Brian’s spirit. Lord Amberleigh’s astonishment over the land Brian emerged from still made the older man babble. The many differences, alone, would’ve kept Lord Amberleigh exploring for years to come...Years to come? Once again a burble of laughter threatened to escape, Brian’s lips.
“Brian? Are you not going to tell me of your home?” Shaundra probed?
Giving his wife a reassuring squeeze, he began, “It isn’t that I don’t want to tell you about Harley,” Brian responded. “I’m just trying to figure out how to put into words a land that is so different from yours.”
“How can a land be different?” she asked, quite confused. “Land is land, after all. Either it is made of rolling hills and valleys, icy nether regions or barren wastelands and deserts. What else could there be?”
“I am from a land that rides a horse of many speeds,” he began, slowly.
“Our horses travel at many different speeds.” she protested truthfully. “There is, among the many men within my Father’s lands, a man called Sir Garrett who does nothing but teach horses how to run faster and faster. He is not always kind to those horses.” She curled her nose in obvious distaste of the methods used by the absent Sir Garrett.
“Do not worry yourself, Dear Love. Our horses are not mistreated. Indeed, they come with the ability to travel at many speeds without the heavy hands of cruelty or the whip.”
Shaundra frowned. He could see the question forming between her brows. What make of beast comes already knowing how to respond to the hand of its rider? She would have questioned him on this, had his next comment not forced all thought of horses out of her mind.
“When we wish to talk, people thousands of measures away can hear us.”

“Like an echo?”
“Yes and no. There is no wall of stone mountain surrounding us when we speak to another who is half a world away.”

“You are having sport with me,” she accused broken heartedly. “You are answering me with outrageous replies because you think I am too feeble-minded for the truth.”

The wellspring of pain in her voice cut Brian to the very core of his being. When he tried to describe his home to her father, Lord Amberleigh threatened to have Brian locked in irons in the dungeon for high-treason and blasphemy. Only after Brian agreed to hitch Lord Amberleigh onto his steed and carry him into the realm of Harley had Brian’s future father-in-law accepted what flies in the face of reason. In this case, the reality that is Brian’s homeland of concrete, metal, and unexpected models of convenience.

Lifting himself up and leaning over his wife so he could hold her and look into her extraordinary gray-green eyes, Brian spoke once more. “My Dearest Love, I promise you I am not making sport of your question, nor of the wisdom I see always reflected in your eyes. It’s just very difficult to depict something that’s so different from what you’re used to. Look into my heart and soul, Shaundra, and see how deeply I feel for you. I could never hurt you intentionally.”

...So what do you think? I can count on you to say it's OKAYYYY, right? But you aren't gonna go overboard...even though Nudge was pretty...I guess clever to make a

Harley Davidson Motorcycle a Time Machine....Still I CAN count on you, right? My future as a serious author is in your hands now.
Remember...we're talking about THE WEDDING NIGHT...don't you LOVE the cover Marion Sipe gave me....can't ask for a better cover...it released on July 5th, from Muse It Up Publishing, so we gotta get cracking here. Click on the link above and it'll take you right to the MUI buy page.

I'm counting on y'all.

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