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L.J. Holmes
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

THE BOOK OF HELEN is coming. Will you be ready?

They call me the face 

that launched a 

thousand ships. Do you believe one woman could really have that much power? Or was I just a convenient excuse that happened along at a time when they were looking for the 

tinder to light the fire of war?

Some say I was too beautiful for my own good? I never understood that. And I'm really not sure what that means. What was I supposed to do...walk through a vat of acid? I know I was not considered bright and yet I was also considered connivingly bright enough to lure men to war. If I was connivingly bright enough to do that, 

why would I have wanted to hurt myself because I was accidentally born beautiful?

People think beauty means you've got it so easy...Not so. 

Beauty carries its own burdens. Imagine being desired for all the wrong reasons from the time you are still too young to understand what exactly it is they're desiring you for? I was scarcely more than a child when the first man came forward wanting to claim me as his bride. I mean ewww!

I may have been prettied up to look like an adult when I was given in marriage to my first husband 

Menelaus,but think about the ages of your children today...was I really an adult?

All I was, all I EVER was, was a girl/woman. Whether I was a child/woman in Sparta, in Troy, back in Sparta, or upon the death of Menelaus, cast out, by power hungry step-sons, now a queen without a land, what else did the times allow me to really be?

You all think you know me, the capricious 

Helen who started a war that took 

ten years to bring to its end and cost thousands of lives...but do you? What if you're wrong? 

I am here, ready to share the 

truth, the whole truth. What have I got to lose? I am beyond where your world can touch me, so why should I lie? I shared my truth, the truth of me, scars and all, with Sherry G.Antonetti because she promised not to try making me less or more than I really am. 

So do you really want to look 

beyond the veils of bards, liars, and naysayers to who I am, now that I am beyond the touch of mortal man...now when I have nothing to lose, nothing you or any of your kind can do to hurt or lay judgement upon my deeds?

My name is Helen and I am coming, all my wounds, all my sins, all my mistakes exposed for you in 
THE BOOK OF HELEN releasing this month from Muse It Up Publishing by 

Sherry G. Antonetti. Will I haunt you, the way, I haunt those who have read my story so far? 

My name is Helen. I invite you to come know me now.


Marian Lanouette said...

Powerful! I can't wait to read Helen.

Lin said...

I promise you Marian you will love it. But it WILL haunt you. I am still walking around with my heart, head and soul whirling.

Alix Richards said...

Wow! I can't wait to read it. That was truly powerful, Lin. :-) Great job. It sounded like Helen speaking. Two thumbs up!

Annie said...

Great post Lin--and quite agree that Helen weasels her way into the soul.
Love the static trailer and the way you slipped in to the character's skin.
And btw also love all your book reviews though I too rarely say so.

ccarpinello said...

What a fabulous post, Lin! Beautiful job.

Lin said...

Thank you one and all. Doing these trailers and the Ladybug Lin Reviews are joys for me. The trailers were always challenges to see if I could, originally, from just the covers, discern the depth of the books contents. Made for a great measuring stick of the covers effectiveness too. Now I get the extra bonus of the author's blurb and CA forms too.

Victoria Roder said...

What a great idea to showcase a book!

Lin said...

In the beginning, I did this all the time with everyone's books, Victoria. I did a minimum of one of these trailers a day. I still do them occasionally, which is why I offered to do this one for THE BOOK OF HELEN. I am a HUGE fan of this type of story and truly found Sherry's story one I wanted to see if I could put together a decent Stationary Trailer for.

Thank you all for your compliments, but I had the advantage of Sherry's gifted writing to start with. Without that I could not have done anything. She laid the ground work the first, second and third floor, I just added the balconies.