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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


OCTOBER 1st...2010...History was made. 

On that glorious day the future of e-publishing welcomed 

LEA SCHIZAS, award winning founder of the 

Muse Online Writers Conference and her partner, Marketing Director, 

LITSA KAMETEROS when they opened the doors to 

Muse It Up Publishing by releasing the following FIVE books.

In less than four months, 

Muse It Up Publishing won over 20 Preditors and Editors Reader's Poll top ten awards for 


Think about this...open only three qualifying months in 2010, 

Muse It Up Publishing claimed OVER 20 top ten awards! 

But this was just the beginning. 

Since then Muse and her authors have claimed many other awards, like the 

EPIC AWARDS. That's BIG and speaks of the quality of book Muse It Up Publishing releases. 

Regrettably, we have lost during these last three years. Our first lost was wee Aydin Hopson, a child who touched one and all in the short time he was among us. We mourned his loss and prayed for a relief of the pain his parents endured. We love you 

Kevin and Gunes Hopson and Aydin's baby brother, Skyler. Thank you for sharing the wonder of Aydin with us and the miracle of Sky as well. You are beacons of such grace for the rest of us.

We lost one of our authors who was also an editor, 

Karen McGrath...we thought you were healing. Gone but never forgotten. We miss you Dear Angel.

We lost four of our other authors...



NAN D. ARNOLD and most recently, 

JACK W. GERMOND. You will always be our sister and brother Musers.

Now, as it moves into its FOURTH year, 

Muse It Up Publishing has many surprises in store for its authors, and its readers.

I have been with MIU since its beginning. So far I have fifteen books released here and I'm far from done.

I am an avid reader as well, and some of the best stories I have ever read have been over the last three years, reading MIU authors. 

It would take me forever to name all the authors I've come to love, but just like Muse It Up, I'm just beginning. I am adding new authors to my list every day, just as new authors are finding their way to Muse every single day.

Three years...WOW...I can't wait to see what the next three years, thirty years, three hundred years Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. brings about.


You are setting the bar really high, and I, for one, thank you for it!


Jim Hartley said...

Fifteen books! Wow! That is quite some track record. And here I thought I was doing well with ten out and one more due in November. It has really been a terrific three years.

Alix Richards said...

Wonderful post, Lin. And awesome you have fifteen books out and your ten is pretty awesome as well Jim! Kudos to both of you.

I've only just celebrated my two year anniversary with Muse. Two books released and another three waiting in the wings for their turn through Muse's extraordinary editing team and CA's. Congrats and Happy Birthday! :-)

Marsha said...

Well, I'm a relative newby joinging the team on Feb. 5, this year. Already I have one book out and a second due next Spring/Summer. Amazing people to work with.
Lin, you've done your typically creative post here, much like with your reviews. A appreciate all you add to the family. Happy BD, MIU and many, many more!

Margaret Fieland said...

Lin, hats off to you, for yourproductivity, wonderful writing, dedication to helping your fellow authors, and awesome blog posts. I'm proud to be a MuseItUp author.

I started writing fiction as a result of the first Muse online conference I attended. Now I've had two sci fi books published by MuseItUp and a third due out in November. I owe it all to y'all. And no one is more surprised by the whole thing than I.

Lea Schizas said...

Lin, dear Muse cheerleader extraordinaire...there's so much too say but will keep it nice and short.

You are the belle flower of enthusiasm and glee, always positive notes and encouragement. In my personal note today to the staff and authors, you were one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote about 'family lounge' and how our authors and staff excel in their cheer toward one another.

Three hundred years? From your pen to God's work table but you know what...who knows what the future holds, right? It's what we make of it right now and boy, are Musers making it real good right now.

Happy Birthday to one and all. Have truly enjoyed meeting everyone and looking forward to all our new authors to join us in the near future.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Lea, Litsa and the huge MuseItUp family. I was here for the first birthday and can't believe how fast this wonderful publishing house has grown in 3 short years. With love and best wishes for your (our) future prosperity.

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks so much for sharing a little Muse history with us. Looking forward to the years to come.

Susan Bernhardt said...

Wonderful post, Lin! How great to have been at MuseItUp Publishing since the beginning. And so many books! Happy Birthday to MIU and everyone here!

Susan Bernhardt
The Ginseng Conspiracy coming 1/14

Kim Cresswell said...

Beautiful post, Lin. Kudos to everyone with Muse. :) Happy Birthday! :)

margaret mendel said...

This is an amazing post about an amazing e-publisher. I am one of the new authors and it's hard to believe that I have struck it so lucky to now be a member of the great publishing house!!! And what a fantastic group of authors!!!

Penny's Tales said...

What a wonderful tribute! Lin you are a Muse Icon. It has been awesome working with everybody at MIU! I am blessed to be part of it! Happy Birthday MIU! Here's to the next 20!!!

Penny Estelle

Lin said...

Excuse me a second while I swallow the lump in my throat. WOW!!

Jim, you've been here since the beginning too..and we have a lot of time on our hands to weave stories in. I THINK you, Kat and I DO have the most stories released here at Muse, and like you, we have more coming very soon.

Alix, one of the most spectacular parts of being with Muse is the deep, abiding friendships we've forged during the course of MuseItUp's journey. You KNOW I adore you and feel so blessed to call you "sister".

Marsha, I remember back to my newbie days and how overwhelmingly excited both Kat and I were to be here. Especially after the pub-house Kat was at just prior to Lea putting out the call for her untried, not yet open, pub house. With that experience to measure Muse and Lea on we knew Muse was going to be a winner. From the beginning Lea and Litsa set the standard to make Muse a family atmosphere. Because of that newbies have never had to feel like they could not ask any question, no matter how ridiculous they/we/I thought it might be and have a brother/sister Muser step in and offer a helping hand. I hope we, those of us who were there in the beginning, have continued that sense of freedom to learn and get help from us so no one has to feel shy about asking...we will always help. If I am asked and do not know the answer, I WILL direct you to whoever I think WILL have the answer. Thank you one and all, for coming to Muse and expanding this family I so very proud of.

Margaret, I am so glad you attended Lea's annual and free Muse Online Writer's Conference, because I have read and reviewed one of your books, and you belong here. Can't wait to read and review anything and everything you release.

Lea...Oh God Lea, I'm gonna tear up now. You are so much more than a publisher, sister, Boos Lady. You are a beacon. Like many of us have discussed, we do not know how you do all you do for us. There's speculation you have a dozen heads, at least a hundred arms, and manage in a half hour to get the amount of sleep the rest of us need at least eight hours to get. You are my mentor, the wings that fuel my dreams, you more than a friend, more than a sister, more than my publisher. When things were rough, you became my editor, and OMG what fun I had editing with you. Every time you added a comment telling how much you LOVED the way I'd worded something, made my heart swell. You know better than anyone how many of my stories I wrote to cheer you up never expecting you to contract them...but as I wrote at the beginning of this section, you are my mentor. I love you so much, and Muse is an extension of that love.

Lin said...

Wendy, what a joy it is to have you come to Muse and add to the magic that makes Muse all that it is. Every new author becomes a part of all that we who have been here since the beginning, imagined it would be come. None of you really are NEWBIES, just family members we hadn't met yet. Thank YOU for bringing your talent and your creative babies to us.

Victoria...Ah God Sweetie. Where do I begin? In a private message you told me I needn't review one of your books because you know it is a topic that I am not terribly comfortable with, but Sweetheart...this is Muse...and you are one of my sisters...more often than not, I wade through the tough stuff my brothers and sisters write because we ARE Muse and always need to celebrate in each other what makes us the gifted Musers that we are. I have never given negative reviews based on my own personal emotions or insecurities. In fact I honor the author's ability to write so well they make me cringe...so bring it on Sweetie.

Susan, Sweetheart, there are times when you and I are writing, I can picture you dancing on your ceiling with joy as you work through the process of getting your book ready to release. I know what it's like to be anticipating that magical date you have circled on your calendar and engraved in your heart. When you get that first cover with YOUR name and YOUR boo's title on it, it's going to feel like you've been inhaling helium...so jubilant,I want you to know, it never grows old. You will feel this way with each and every book that comes out...because even after fifteen releases, I still do.

Kim, another AWWW SWEETIE, you have done so much to make ME feel a part of your generosity. I am more than grateful you came to Muse and by doing so opened your heart to me and my earlier brothers and sisters as YOUR family as well. Happy Muse Birthday Dear One.

Margaret Mendel, I am not going to repeat what I wrote to Marsha.You are amazed at YOUR luck, but the rest of us are amazed at OUR luck! We know the quality of writing Lea and the acquisition team here at Muse accept...because trust me, even with as many books as I have published not everything I've written has made it through. (I decided to try converting some of my early poetry into mini-novels...BAD IDEA!)...so having several rejections under my belt, I know without question when you become a Muse author, you are bringing the absolute best into our Muse treasure chest. So be giddy, enjoy this amazing start on a future that will keep getting better, in the days, weeks, months, years, etc., etc., etc., before you.

Thank you all for popping in and leaving comments on my Muse Birthday Celebration. I love you all.

Lin said...

I think I have three more coming out. 1 in November and 2 in December, maybe 3.