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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE: LOVE POTION #9.5 by Kat Holmes brings Fairy Tales ALIVE 12/6/2013

Do you remember the song...it goes FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU?

I never once found a fairy tale character dropping into my lap wanting to play Prince Charming with me no matter how many times I listened to that song and tried to brainwash myself into being "young at heart."

But then I got my hands on an Advanced Readers Copy of Kat Holmes' LOVE POTION #9.5 and Fairyland came to utter, magical, and yes...stinky life for me. Stinky? You ask...uhhhh yeah...Seems flatulence can plague Fairyland...especially when you have a witch like Matilda who suffers PMS. Not a good thing to have with a somewhat forgetful witch who utters things while suffering her "lady issues" but can't remember what she uttered afterwards to undo the consequences of her...uttered words.

Matilda, everyone knows, is not malicious in her word utterances, but when you have to make your hubby sleep outside beneath the sky because his intestinal reactions to Matilda's utterances, singes the hairs in your nostrils...and no one knows what it's doing to the rest of your body...you want ACTION!

Antidote!  The entire breadth of Fairyland is screaming for an antidote. Enter the heroine of LOVE POTION #9.5 Lucy Mixernight, Fairyland's renowned potion maker. The town is screaming...each minute another victim catches Matilda's "utterance" forcing married couples to live apart, families to have some of their children living in the tent outside, while other Fairylanders are exiled to the barnyard edifices...like the chicken coop...the stable...and the stall with three of the smelliest cows you'd ever want anywhere but down-wind from you.

Can Lucy come through and save the day...or will she need help...lots of help from the gorgeous hunk of Traveling Salesman who's just walked through the door of Lucy's store?

LOVE POTION # 9.5 is a delightful romp that will have you laughing so hard you'll find yourself wanting more when you reach the end...Good thing this is Book ONE of the TALES OF FAIRYLAND SERIES from that brilliant weaver of tales, 

Kat Holmes. 

So scurry on over to MuseItHot and place your pre-order for LOVE POTION #9.5 . You will so NOT be sorry.

Happy Reading.

Kat Holmes, by the way, is the author of the following series.

GODS AT WORK SERIES...The Olympian Gods are suffering. Mankind's money issues which means fewer gifts are being left for the gods to continue their elaborate lifestyle. Zeus is not happy about this, but he DOES have lots of children...so off he sends them to find real jobs and continue supporting him in the manner the King of the Gods Deserves. 
Bk 1. WORKING UNDER COVERS...Aphrodite's Tale
Bk 2. HEART OF THE QUEEN...Hera's story
Bk 3. IN DEATH'S ARMS...Hades Story
Bk 4. CRIMSON WATERS...Poseidon's Story
Bk 5. DANCES AT DAWN...Apollo's Story
Bk 6. UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON...Artemis' Story

THE ARTICA LIGHTS SERIES...Artica is a land of perpetual ice and cold. 

Tichi is its one and only god...and Awni, the queen is his daughter...his CURRENT daughter. Her body is so frigid a touch from her can and does kill those who have been sentenced to death...but Tichi knows his daughter is lonely...so what's a father to do when the law of Artica's Council believes THEY know best? Still as a loving father he has to magically bring a human from our world and time back to the Medieval land of Artica, stirring things up so much like it or not, they are going to change...or all will die.
Bk 1. FROZEN...Awni is the Queen. The lonely queen who watches her people touching with love and joy. Her touch means instant death...right?
Bk 2. REFLECTIONS OF ICE...Elric, Awni's first hand man and the man who helped raise her begins seeing things 

in his mirror. Questioning his sanity he's still drawn to the images the mirror shows him...until....that woman inside his mirror needs his help...now!


Hekate, the Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, the moon, ghosts, and necromancy is the mother behind the genesis of the vampires. What she's up to is anyone's guess, but in allowing the creation of Lilith, one kick ass GIRL-VAMP, she's about to rock both sides of the Vamp word...the Enclave and the True Ones.
Bk 1. HIDDEN...30 years have passed since Lilith was converted at her brother's Ren Faire wedding. Hidden away like a bad joke, protected by a water demon who hates vampires, Lilith sees a chance to escape her jailer and head out into the night alone. That one choice explodes upon the vamp world. Benjamin, leader of the Enclave, and Montegue leader of the True Ones quickly learn Lilith may be a GIRL VAMP but she can kick male vamp ass without working up a sweat.
Bk 2. SEEKER...Atu is a general in Benjamin's Enclave. Edeline is the psychic he's gonna kidnap. Why? Well because of Hekate, of course and the immediate need to locate the Orb of Morpheus before the True Ones find it. Will this very dangerous quest kill the kidnapped mortal and force Atu to turn her, or does Hekate have a far more nefarious plot in mind?

There you have all of Kat's series to date. Now tell me true...aren't you glad you're getting in on the GROUND FLOOR with her new TALES OF FAIRYLAND Series? You won't have to do what I so often do...find a book by an author two or three books into a series, love it so much and have to go back and read from the beginning.

LOVE POTION #9.5 is available TODAY for pre-order, but if you really want to wait, it's releasing on Friday, December 6, 2013 from the MuseItHot side of MuseItUp Publishing.com

And Again...Happy Reading. 

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