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Thursday, December 19, 2013



is in the Northeringale Air...but unlike 

Brigadoon, we needn't wait for years for the magic to show itself and joy to come our reading way.

Northeringale is a town filled with incredible Christmas Spirit...oh and many a Christmas Miracle.

We've journeyed into Northeringale when we read P&E Award winnging debut novel 

SANTA IS A LADY when it released on December 1, 2010 from the brand new publishing house MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING.

MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING is no longer brand new..although it HAS grown...and this year it is bringing us back to the wondrous world of NORTHERINGALE not ONCE, but TWICE!

Why? Good question. Because this year Northeringale has FOUR new miracles in the works and that's just too many to bring in only ONE story. 

So let's begin with Book Two in the CHRISTMAS MIRACLES SERIES...

Recapping for those who have not found their way to Northeringale...

In Book One...

Angie Brightwell delighted, enchanted, and embraced us with her courage, determination, and ability to rise above the near fatal accident that cost her so much when a car accident, mere days after the 9/11 tragedy decimated the hearts and souls of the world. 

This introduction to Northeringale found its way into the hands of International Best Selling Author 

GLENN KLEIER, author of 


THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. Mr. Kleier loved it so much he predicted it would one day become a Christmas Classic...in much the way of 

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE...One can only hope!

In Book One...Angie, still needing a cane to navigate the changes in her life will becomes our Lady Santa...with 

Beck Cavington, Angie's slightly jaded best friend pushing and shoving her into filling the roll of the man in the red suit when the hired Santa for her Sweets and Treats store is arrested mere days before the big day.

In Book Two we find ourselves getting back into the world of Beck Cavington. WE didn't especially like Beck in book one, but then we really knew very little about why she was the jaded soul she showed us back then. Most of the time in Book One, we wanted to smack her silly for how she treated Angie...but...not all people who are seemingly villainous are totally black with badness. Beck is one who had to develop a thickened shell to protect her inner self against a black that allows no shades of gray to filter through her soul. 

About to turn 35, Beck's mother has been trying for ages to marry her off to any man she, Irene Cavington can control, but now as Beck's 35th birthday nears, Irene is ratcheting up her determination to force Beck into a marriage to a man she can control, no matter what she has to resort to to get the job done. 

MUCH is reveled in THE CHRISTMAS WAR...however there's a new force entering Northeringale that may give Irene a run for her money...literally.

THE CHRISTMAS WAR released from Muse It Up Publishing on December 6, 2013 is already being mentioned for the P&E 2013 Awards. Yep...it's THAT good.

Book Three...I should explain...I never INTENDED writing a series when I brought Angie Brightwell and Cam Drayton to vivid life, making them the first of the new set of miracles in Northeringale with SANTA IS A LADY, but my daughter, herself an award winning, best selling author Kat Holmes of: 


THE LIGHTHOUSE, said "Mom, you can't leave us wondering what will happen to Northeringale's people. You HAVE to write Beck's story...and Cam's sister's too!"

Fate has a funny way of stepping in and taking all my good plans NOT to make a series, and shooting them skyward where Santa decided Northeringale needed more attention, and I was the only one who COULD give the proper amount of miracles to that magical winter wonderland. 

As of now, though, Stefanie Drayton, Cam's college level sister, is NOT going to get her story...mainly because Santa and my inner voice Nudge, had other plans.


Tierney Callahan, a teeny, gifted, very magical midwife, comes home two nights before Christmas, after helping to deliver another Northeringale miracle only to find her home has been invaded by none other than her tiny...SUPER tiny, and irascible leprechaun father. He's somehow glamoured his way into her home. Drunk on poteen, Paddy weaves a story of need...HIS...that she...the daughter he forced onto her mother's side of the family tree when she was four and grew bigger than his clan...(for some reason, leprechauns don't easily accept a half leprechaun child who in a growth spurt starts accidentally stepping on them...at the age of four)...replace the 

pot-of-gold he lost so he can return to Ireland and his clan.

He's her Da, he reasons, so she owes him a miracle. The miracle? She go to Santa and get Santa to replace the pot-of-gold he lost or Paddy's moving in for good.

Martha Brainerd and Chris Krinkle have been mentioned in the previous books, but in 

CHRISTMAS GOES GREEN we learn who they really are...oh...and WHAT they really are.

Three Books...and THREE MIRACLES...Maybe...or Maybe More!

This Series is full of joy, love, playfulness, and giving.

In that Spirit, if you leave a comment along with your e-mail address, you MAY be the winner of a PDF copy of each of these books as MY gift to you...on Christmas Day.

So check out this series, leave a comment along with your e-mail address, and help me spread the best of Christmas...Northeringale...to one and all.

Ho, Ho, Ho.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a fascinating series. Love all the titles you've chosen, too.

Wishing you the best and a great holiday season, too.



Jim Hartley said...

Sounds great, I'd love to read all the Christmas stories. (I decided to go for a different one of your books for Lea's Christmas gift.)

Penny's Tales said...

Wow, Lin! All three of these look fabulous! Congratulations and have the best Christmas ever!!!

Mary Waibel said...

These sound like fantastic reads, Lin! Love a good holiday read.



Lin said...

Sheri Chapman asked me to leave her comment. Here's what she had to say:

Say: I am so excited to read this series!!!! I impressed with your accomplishments, and I'm very happy to get to know these characters! :)) Thank you! Sheri Chapman