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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The FINAL McQuack Award goes to....

There are so many medicals to bestow this honor on, but since this is to be the last, I want to make it the most important one. In this choice it isn't a few Quacks that litter this area of expertise, but many.

It began as an extension of speciality to help burn victims and cancer survivors. I am of course speaking of Plastic Surgery. It began with noble intentions, but has become something unrecognizable...much the way many of its victims have become unrecognizable.

I would never have believed all those years ago when I was growing up in the tranquil serenity of Bucks County, PA that there would come a day when there would be mass butchery in the guise of medical care. I just don't get it. Joan Rivers swears by plastic surgery and has certainly had more than her fair share of it, but hasn't she or any of the people around her noticed that she is starting to look like that most famous of Plastic Surgery debacles The Bride of Wildenstein?

Why do we have to encourage women to mutilate themselves so they can fill out DD bras because we have some warped sense of what is "perfection"?

This is the only field where you can go to your cosmetician and have botox poison injected into your body...poison...in the name of beauty. This is the only field that is engorged with so-called doctors who have nothing remotely close to medical training performing invasive procedures upon our persons.

Who determines what it "perfect"? The very doctors who want to get rich off of the vanity and insecurity of the masses. There is a reason why insurance won't pay for these procedures...they are UNNECESSARY.

I get the need for plastic surgery. Burn victims, women who have had breast cancer, and yes, even women who have to have breast reduction surgery...but these operations ARE covered by medical insurance. That should explain the difference. THEY are needed for viable medical reasons. Having your face chemically peeled is just disgustingly painful, gross, and against the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors are supposed to function under.

We have all heard about the mistakes...too many mistakes...too many damaged people who went to the plastic surgeons perfect as their Creator made them...only to come out of it deformed by the incompetence of a medical field that has become nothing but glorified butchery.

Before we are born into the body we live in we chose that body with all its so-called imperfections because that IS the body our souls need to live in to complete the lessons we are here to learn. THAT body with THOSE imperfections...not some sculpted body by a doctor who needs to pay off his home in the Hamptons, his yacht, his vacation home in the Caribbean, and the fleet of Porches and Lamborghinis that fill his garages.

Some of the most beautiful people I have ever met were born with what the plastic surgeons would call damaged bodies. Children born with Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and other deforming conditions may appear to the jaded eye to be imperfect, and yet they chose before entering those bodies, knowing full well the problems they would face in those bodies, because they saw beyond the temporary illusion to the true beauty that is the perfection of their soul's growth inside those bodies.

Plastic Surgery is no longer about being doctors and helping people...it is about convincing people they need reshaping and charging them a fortune because vanity is alive and well and now it can be had by any fly-by-night who hangs out his sign and claims to actually BE a doctor. It is not about helping the burn patients...it's about convincing our 16 year olds that they need boob enhancement, nasal realignment, liposuction, butt cheek implants, and on and on and on. It's about convincing the masses that you should never be grateful for what you are because they can make you more....more than God, the ONLY acknowledged sculptor of Perfection gave you.

So my final McQuack Award goes to 99% of the Plastic Surgeons out there. You're getting rich on illusions...illusions that cause more harm than they are worth.

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