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Saturday, February 19, 2011


When you live in an idyllic,

but by its nature, quirky college town, odd things happening at the oddest moments are to be expected.

If you are going to live in such a town, it's really great to be able to share it

with your best friend...right?

My name is Amy and my best friend Susan and I are always trying to see what new bizarre endeavor we can challenge each other into participating in.

Truth is, neither of us minds delving into...

drum roll please...


Lately she and I have been following the example of Skypod here and...

...scanning the skies because,

well, please don't laugh, but we are scouring for

Unidentified Flying Objects. I know an unidentified flying object could be a kid's remote control operated helicopter  made up to look like a

flying bed pan (don't laugh, we've seen one...I kid you not, and the guy that captured it turned that sucker into a really neat...

...bed pan guitar.) 

But that isn't what Sue and I are seeking.

Nope, we keep our eyes up there...WAYYYY up there where no jury-rigged aeronautical

hospital commode could ever reach because WE are looking for those

little green men myth and legend have spoken about.

Now please, I see you want to snicker, but why is it everyone thinks you can only catch sight of men from

Zarn-X 9 if you are camping out near

Area 51?

Where's the logic in that? If outer spacemen visit this world, why would they want to spend ALL their time visiting some ridiculously boring desert, when they have all this, the rolling hills, the energy and the creativity of the college population to observe?

The answer is, they wouldn't. We have so much more to offer. So Sue and I are diligently

observing the sky, expecting the next rash of far off lights, to be a signal that our long awaited encounter with the Zarn-X 9-ers to happen any moment now.

Alas, though, maybe if we hadn't been looking upward...I mean, hello, who in their right mind would be expecting to come across what we came across?

You want me to

TELL you what we came across? Are you sure you want to risk it? Right now you can claim total ignorance, even in

a court of law and

under oath that you know absolutely NOTHING about what we saw?

It's up to you...

I can tell you now, or you can wait until all the

dark stuff has

hit the fan and the official report is made public.

When will that be?

March 1st. That's when the official here-to-fore classified document,

NUDE DESCENDING STAIRCASE as documented by Joyce Richardson in her cozy mystery for the

Muse Publishing Inc. will be chronicled by its release.

So what will it be?

Wise choice. Just remember...

mum's the word till then.

You know absolutely NOTHING!

AND don't believe what you're hearing 'cause it is NOT true...okay it may be a teensy bit true. There was

a nude...but...oops!

Gotta run. Trouble is coming towards me and I'd just as soon not get caught

spilling beans...yet.

But if you really want to learn more BEFORE March 1st...Click HERE to read tidbits at the Muse Bookstore's exclusive buy page for...


Kat said...

I love it and oh boy those kitties are adorable.:-)

Karen Cote said...

Absolutely hilarious and adorable. I love your style, my dear friend. You are so clever and enchanting. I'm sure this book is wonderful and what you've done has certainly peaked my interest.


Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Another wonderful stationary trailer. Now I know where Acey goes when he leaves the house. How the heck did he get to New Jersey to pose for that last kitty photo? Gotta read this!

Heather Haven said...

This made me laugh and laugh. Clever you are, clever.