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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Do you love Face Book as much as

I love Face Book? Just when I get used to how Face Book works, what do they do? They up and change it on me.

I went in to check out my book covers album, I only have five covers so far, so we're not talking about a HUGE album here, but what do I get? This weird manual slide show. I LIKED the old way of doing things...and I'm not alone.

Everyone I have talked with agrees with me and loathes the new system as much as I do.

I haven't asked

Glenn Kleier about this yet. I think h must be knee deep in edits.

I am heartstoppingly disappointed his second book has been pushed back, since I am on a pre-order list for THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL by Glenn Kleier at

Amazon.com. Should I Twitter...I mean TWEET about my disappointment?

TWEETING? As much as I loathe Face Book, I am really bad at Twittering...How is someone who doesn't know how to talk

in Morse Code supposed to narrow my long-windedness down to a few words?

There is a rumor out there circulating too, but the way that there may be a THIRD Glenn Kleier book will be out, not nearly THIRTEEN years from now, but maybe MONTHS from now? Is it possible,
Fairies 35 Myspace Layout 2.0
Good Fairies exist? It would certainly take the magic of good fairies to get a third Glenn Kleier book out and about THIS year.

I'm not sure my old heart can stand so much anticipation, but my reading eyes are beside themselves...don't giggle...

I KNOW they're ALWAYS beside themselves...but they are METAPHORICALLY beside themselves with enthusiasm just at the HINT they might be able to immerse themselves in not just one, but TWO new Glenn Kleier novels.

I'm not sure I can contain myself...Hmmm, do you think I might have the adult version of ADHD? Is there a GKADHD...you know Glenn Kleier Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder?

Either that or I have ants in my Depends.

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