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Monday, February 14, 2011


I love living here,

on the beach, with the lake stretched out in front of me. Okay, every now and then

the weather does misbehave, but nowhere near as much as it does elsewhere.

Thanks to our lake and the other Great Lakes, our weather is a bit more predictable.

Now don't go flying off on a tangent. I said A BIT.

For instance unlike most of the world, when we get hit by

lake effect snow storms there will not be any rain or ice accompanying it because lake effect snow is not formed

by any STORM clouds. Bet you didn't know that. Well you do now.

Because of the buffering zone

of the lake,we do't get the violent summer storms the rest of you get either. Not exactly sure why, but I suppose if you're really interested I could haul my butt to the library.

Speaking of library, I probably SHOULD go to the library. The new novel

I'm working on, yes I AM a writer, nice to meet you, needs some work. Having never actually

COMMITTED murder outside my novels, I don't have a

clue, yet, how to murder exotically but in a way no one will FIND it


Arsenic poisoning has already been done

to death...no pun intended.

Hmmm, did you hear that?

The wind is sure picking up. The weatherman wasn't calling for any storms this morning...course it is October and ANYTHING can happen in October around the lakes. 

I need to flip on the TV,

but I'd really like to zip to the library...oh man. That wind is howling like

a banshee...

I hate TV's when storms are coming. I can never get the station adjusted, JUST right; frigging satellite dish.

Ahhh, finally.

Well, that takes care of going to the library...shoot. I'd better scurry outside and batten down the patio stuff.

Fighting the force of the approaching HUGE storm's headwinds, our writer wrestles with the lounge chair cushion. She wanted to go this way, but the wind wanted to go that way...Who do you think is going to win?


swearing none too lady-like and being tossed around like

a ragamuffin,

Jordan Blake was out of breath and certainly delerious when she saw it. It was an IT right? It couldn't be...a human washed up on her shore.

Nah...and yet...

Stranger On The Shore by

Roseanne Dowell is due to be released on March 1, 2011 by the

Muse It Up side of Muse Publishing Inc.

What is the mass, Jordan can almost see through the increasing intenstity of

Mother Nature at her

angriest? Man, or a huge pile of litter?

What if it is human and...

dead? She couldn't leave it there for the

angry waters to reclaim it, but she so did not want to wait out this storm with a corpse as a visitor.

Inching ever closer to the "mound", Jordan has one foot in reverse and the other inching forward.

Stranger on the Shore...what will Jordan find, and will her discovery change the peaceful life she'd grown accustomed to?

STRANGER ON THE SHORE by Roseanne Dowell, with its amazing cover by the

multitalented Muse Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans.

Follow the link to the Muse Book Store for more information about this book, including an excerpt. You can also learn about Ms. Dowell's future releases from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc..

Roseanne can also be found via her blog and her author's page at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.

Muse Publishing, Inc. Where we are...


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Susan Hornbach said...

Wow, A great trailer! Wishing you great success with "Stranger On The Shore. I always enjoy your choice of pictures and captions. you have a unique talent.