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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When I was a kid eavesdropping on the grownups was an honorable way to learn all the things we were NOT to supposed to hear.

I'd have never learned about the singer who couldn't shimmy like her sister or Kate, nor would I have learned a

GRASSHOPPER was NOT the bug I scamperd away from in the garden but something the adults

WANTED to drink!

If I had not hovered around when I was not supposed to, I would not have learned the man arriving at our house on Christmas Eve dressed like good old

St. Nick, was really Ham Swiner the local pig farmer.

But I am digressing...I really WANT you to eavesdrop on the most innovating blog interview I have ever done.

Like GW, I cannot tell a lie, it really is

ME, speaking, and I guarantee once you've heard my voice you'll wonder just how long ago it was that I discovered that

devastating truth about Santa and Mr. Swiner.

Follow the link...you will be delighted with Karen's innovating blog and yeah, my itty-bitty vocal cords.

Here's the link...okay not the one we're looking for, but isn't he cute?

Back to the topic...

I'm looking forward to

seeing you...or having

you eavesdrop.

And Thanks





Kaye Manro said...

I Loved your interview, Lin! This is the most unique thing to come along in a while. I love this idea too.

Lin said...

Thanks Kaye. Karen's skills make it fun. I know she'd love to have you on too.