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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


How is a child, okay, not REALLY a child any longer, but a teen, supposed to handle having

prophetic nightmares while entrenched in the steamy world her infamous Missionary parents have brought them to, here in the heart of

the Amazon?

Running...she hates that she needs to, but her sanity is in question.


in Boston, Kylie matures with the aid of her two best friends and their families. Back and forth between the two families, Chris, in whom she developes a mild crush...

wouldn't you with that light brown hair that waves so beguilingly, and those expressive hazel eyes: and Shara, a bit bossy but always with Kylie's best interests behind it she blossoms...sort of..she grows into womanhood.

Far from the haunting memories of

Manaus, Brazil, her troubled inner self, and José, the boy she loved with all her girlish heart, Kylie throws herself into becoming a lawyer...a really exceptional lawyer.

Chris and Shara hover around always shielding her from life's more difficult side roads.

Years stretch...she joins a presitgious Boston Law Firm and shows her mettle when Matthew,

all talk, dark, handsome and obscenely rich joins the firm.

Life is acceptable...until her parents decide to make the journey to Boston for a visit.

Kylie's world splinters into a zillion pieces. Her parents' plane crashes somewhere deep in the Amazonian jungles.

Chris and Shara close in, but not before Kylie suspects she is


being stalked. Why?

No longer sure of the life she's created here in Boston, and needing, desperately, to connect with the places and things her parents had last touched, Kylie does a reverse run.


the boy she left behind, is the first person she meets. The news he has to share turns her world even more upside down.

It cannot be that her parents, her world famous parents are involved in


The nightmares

return with a vengence. Could the Church really be corrupt? Could her parents really have kept dark secrets from her all these years?

THE HEART OF THE AMAZON book one in Karen McGrath's Primoridal Sun Series will be released from Muse It Up Publishing in April 2011.

Follow Kylie and José as they work to unravel what Kylie's parents were involved in while danger closes in around them from all angles.

Are her friends really her friends? The law firm where she was so proudly displaying her legal talents, is there more going on there than meets the eye? The Church that had catapulted her parents into world-wide fame, could it really be corrupt?

Follow this link to the Muse Bookstore page for THE HEART OF THE AMAZON and read more.

Karen McGrath can be followed at her Muse It Up Author's page, her BLOG and at her WEBSITE.

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Karen McGrath said...

Wow, Lin, you did me PROUD! Thank you! I am amazed at your talent for getting it so right on! :)

You are the BEST!!! xoxoxo

Madeleine McLaughlin said...

This is a real good write-up. I'm intrigued by the story. It sounds like a winner.

J Q Rose said...

Oh yes! Can't wait for the April release. Great job, Lin!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

very talented ladies, and both have so many irons in the firs i don't know how they do it. my hat is off to both of you

Kat said...

I so can't wait to read this book!

Lin said...

Karen, My Darling, you have given us all so much. I'm glad I was able to give a little bit back. Your series is amazing, and what you gave me to work with allowed me to "see" your vision and share with those who view my blogs what you allowed ME to "see".

S.Durham said...

Lin, another beautiful cover blog!