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L.J. Holmes
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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Abandoned and alone

on the frightening streets of Seattle, Washington is not the life for a child...but especially a child with

talent that she would learn about after her heart enriching rescue.

Why, you wonder? So do I.

Let me check my case-files...Bet you didn't know such case files exist?

I am Linnea, the Universal Queen Witch, and for the purpose of this update, your narrator. Please  be aware

the pics you are about to see, under normal circumstance would never be put out before you all, but I, and only I can release them. Events required me to do so.

Why? You are really nosy but how else are you to learn?

Fortunately I anticipated your inquisitive nature, and of course, being the Universal Queen Witch means I get to decide how our bylines are executed.

It's my job to keep detailed notes on ALL the witches throughout the entire

UNIVERSE! Oh, just in case any of you think Linnea is my non-generic name, let me assure you any spell or hex you try to use against me will fail.

The scrying font, a tool ably wielded by our seers, told us of Dana's existence and need to be rescued. I assigned one of my best Craft-ticians. She adopted young Dana and began integrating her into our rites and practices.

Taken into the hearth of her adoptive mother's talents, little Dana witnessed many new and wondrous things.

For instance, although she did not know it, no one actually does, during Dana's first Winter Solstice, she was presented before me,

in my Wiccan Goddess

persona, much as humans have their debutante celebrations, but with a lot more

magical energy swirling around.

Please allow me a moment here as I smile in memory of that glorious event...Dana gasped when presented to me and her eyes

widened like saucers. Somehow she recognized me and the import of who she'd been born to be. She also grasped the enormity of who we, as a people are.

Hovering around in my invisible state, I paid careful attention to Dana's reaction to witnessing her very first

"witch casting spell" ritual. Rarely have I been as impressed or pleased by a novice witchling.

I also felt hugely relieved that despite the daunting task before her, Dana would do well.

Growing up within the Craft can be magical, but it's a secret life as well. Outside our Talents, the rituals must never be shared with "others"!

I left right after Dana's first Winter Solstice introduction knowing she would progress more than adequately now. I am the Queen...I have an entire universe to oversee. I might have wished to keep my eyes on this newly discovered treasure, but the coven on Alpha-Allegaria needed my immediate attention.

The next time I was able to wing back to the Western seaboard of the United States, my amazing little "witchling" had morphed into Dana Pierce, successful columnist as well as a witch who now knew some of her non-human duties.

Calen Meer!

He's a man cursed to live forever...yes...we are talking about immortality...he hides his truth running a

charter fishing company in Astoria, Oregon, where only a few know his secret.

Dana is investigating a story...a story that should remain shrouded beneath layers of protective lies, but her witch/journalist nose is twitching.

Will her proddings rip the lid from the narrow separation between mankind and immortal?

Will she find the immortal she knows she must help?

Will she overcome Calen's fury about the time past?

Darkness is circling around Astoria, Oregon. Calen and Dana need to be at the top of their game...many things interfere not the least being this powerful attraction between them.

I am Linnea, in case you have forgotten, and I am here watching, prohibited by our own Creed to help from this side.

But you CAN!

Pick up The Lycan Moon by S. Durham on April 8, 2011, and share your energy with Dana and Calen, as they work to overcome ancient deceptions, present danger, and future prophesy.

S. Durham

can be found HERE on her Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. Author's Page, at her WEBSITE and on FACE BOOK.

More information on THE LYCAN MOON can be found at the MUSE BOOKSTORE.
That incredible cover for The Lycan Moon comes from the brilliant and EXTREMELY talented Cover Art Goddess:

Delilah K. Stephans

And remember please,

at Muse we work hard in every way...WHY? Because we are committed to

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S.Durham said...

Lin Lin Lin!!! Excited, about to burst, just saw this! Such a fabulous buildup and story of Dana's witchling days to adulthood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

BTW I think you have just created a very interesting character in Linnea, I think you need to expand her story, what do you think!:) I can see a very interesting paranormal already out of this...

Thank you oh heart of the Muse!


Lin said...

My Darling Sara,

I wrote this script while sitting at Target waiting for my para-transit bus to come and return me home in about twenty total minutes. I have no idea where Linnea came from except I needed a name and an identity for the narroator. Somehow the Queen of all Witches throughout the Universe came to me.

Right now I am working on soem hot stuff for the Muse It Hot side. I've already subbed book one and am working on Book two. (It's tongue in cheek, but steamy tongue-in-cheek...I'm going to need windshield wipers for the fog building up on the insides of my cheeks!)

I am so glad you liked what I did.

I love the theme of your story.

Love and Much success to you,

S.Durham said...

'Fog inside the cheeks', what a brilliant mind you have!

Thank you again for making my day!


Emily Pikkasso said...

Great job Lin, you have captured the spirit of the book wonderfully. Sara has created strong well rounded characters and I hope we see more of them in the future. hint, hint....perhaps a sequel???