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Saturday, March 26, 2011



Ginger makes our world so richer and this is YOUR LEGACY

A queen is

is an important representative of

the Court she keeps close, and

Muse Publishing, Inc. has chosen wisely.

Humor...we all NEED humor to keep us from slipping over the edge into

wallowing sorrow.

It takes an incredibly agile mind to take

rotten eggs, and turn them into

Eggs Benedict.

Your majesty

please accept your

Coronation Robe...most elegant and fitting.

Absolute perfection.

Allow me to pass your scepter. Notice the way it sparkles and glitters as you raise it shoulder high, as is befitting of one such as you.

And Majesty, please bow slightly

so I may bestow upon you the righteous crown of your office. It's not a typical crown, I know, but it signifies your rare and unique service to those of us who bow before you.

Gather round for Her Majesty to

recieve the honor of her official Coronation.

And to whom does the title of

MUSE OFFICAL QUEEN OF HUMOR go? Okay don't really think this is our TRUE queen. I confess.

But it made you laugh!

Well in your secret life, Your Highness, you will parade before us in your official vestments...

and may I say how exquisite you look.

Allow me to introduce Her Majesty, Queen Ginger Simpson, our most aristocratic representative of all that is funny!

Think you, that I make an exaggeration?


Let me introduce you to the Ginger who has earned this exhaulted title.

Ginger this is your COMEDIC legacy!

Her books:

My Life is a Bowl of Toilets, and I Clean Them

My Life is a Bowl of Toilets, and I Feel Flush

Chastity's Charms

Still not convinced?

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Ginger Claus.

What? STILL do not think Ginger has earned our regal coronation?

How about Rooster Ginger? If this doesn't do it, you need

to check your pulse. Cause you're


Majesty, so you know your successor will, when the time comes, do you proud...Meet Princess In Waiting,

Fancy Pants.

All Hail Our New Queen...long may she keep us



Anonymous said...

Too funny...and seriously 'right on'!!
Lin you're as amazing as our Ginger. A Bowl Full of Toilets - I had no idea...but thought of her as a Ermma Bombeck sort of woman. There's nothing about toilets even close to cherries - Love ya both.

L. K. Below said...

Woot! I agree. Ginger is definitely our Queen of Comedy! I genuflect before Your Majesty!

Heather Haven said...

I don't know who makes me laugh more, Lin or Ginger. Sometimes it's a toss up!

MuseItUp Publishing said...

WAY too funny...Miz Rooster Simpson...hehehehehe

Awesome job, Lin, loved the cat queen, and absolutely adore and eagerly await all of your postings. You have a finesse for adding just the right pics and words to make your postings come alive.

Ginger...excuse me...Queen Simpson, I humbly bow before you...well, over the net, sitting on my chair, and mentally bowing.

Cheryl said...

This is great. I always knew Ginger descended from royalty.

Shellie said...

Too fun! You're both such a hoot. To the Queen **raises her glass** Just wondering. If Ginger is the Queen, what does that make Lin? Surely you have an equally magnificent title...:D

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

I bow before Ginger, and yes, she is the Muse's very own Erma Bombeck. Shellie--you asked if Ginger is the Queen then who is Lin? She's the Queen Mother, of course!

Ginger Simpson said...

Oh, Lin, you do me proud, and I'm honored to have been crowned queen of anything, though I think your talent for humor and the ability to make people laugh rivals mine on any given day. I'm so proud to claim you as my Muse sister...The biggest jewel in my crown is not because I received a contract, but because I made such fabulous friends. :)

Roseanne Dowell said...

All hail to our Queen. I like the title Queen Mother for Lin. It is so fitting. she's more than humorous, she's sensitive and caring, and oh so very talent. I dub Lin Queen Mother of Talent!

Lin said...

Ginger, Your MAjesty, I have been saying this almost since I got my first contract back on 2/29/10, I want to be you when I grow up.

Your sense of humor has brightened many a day, but you are more than JUST the Queen of Humor, you are a mentor, a friend, and someone I am inordinately blessed to have in my life.


And everyone else...thank you for sharing my pride in Ginger's magic.

Susan Hornbach said...

This was great Lin. I don't know how you find these pictures, but every post is better than the last.
Ginger's book titles are hilarious. I think a crown for the queen of funny is appropriate, since she is the keeper of so many thrones.

Lin said...

That is so true Susan. Ginger truly is a wonderful, funny, beautiful woman and I a was honored to crown her.

Jenna Storm said...

I, too, raise my crystal glass to the queen. Have a great day Musers.

lionmother said...

I agree Ginger is the Queen of Comedy. I love the things she sends to us. They always bring a smile or laugh. She takes a lot in her stride and always has something funny to add.

I also agree with everyone that you, Lin, are the Mother of Talent, but even more you are the Queen of Compassion. There isn't a person whose story hasn't touched you. Also you are there for anyone who needs you and I hope that we are there for you too!

Long live Ginger and Long live Lin our two Queens!!!

S.Durham said...

It has been on many occassions since I've been with Muse, that Ginger's humor has lightened the day and made me laugh out loud.

A most fitting coronation recipient. Ginger keep it coming!

A big fan, Sara:)

Anonymous said...

Long live Queen Ginger! And long live Lin, the Princess-in-waiting of awesome. You're both amazing.
And thanks for the laugh.

J Q Rose said...

I must say we are blessed with royal funny ladies, but just think, they are blessed with a very appreciative audience throwing roses at their feet.(definitely not rotten tomatoes) We marvel at your creativity, Ginger and Lin.

Lin said...

You all honor me beyond measure. On behalf of Ginger I thank you all.

Ginger thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my Muse sister and friend.

Karen Cote said...

Lol. This is great dear Lin!

Happy B-Day again Ginger Darling.