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Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday was the


Muse Publishing, Inc. and we had an

AMAZING sale going on 50% off of everything...on top of our REGULAR sales.

So trust me when I say Muse ALWAYS will have bonuses just waiting for you to take advantage of.

Such as...right now, for a limited time there are six books you can buy at

20% OFF the retail prices...and trust me they are books you will love having in your e-book library.

What are they? GOOD question.

BE GOOD TO YOUR ELF by Elizabeth Coldwell...follow this link to the cover blog I did for this blazingly hot Christmas tale.
OKAY I can see some of you shaking your head wondering why would you want to buy a Christmas story with summer just around the corner...You and I know how HOT and MUGGY it is going to get. Can you think of a better way to escape from the 98% humidity? Reading about the blustery snows of winter, the idyllic picture-postcard sweetness of Christmas at its finest? I can't. Besides at 20% off, you can look at like you're giving yourself an EARLY Christmas gift.

CODY AND THE ELF by Antonia Tiranth. Sounds like another Christmas story, doesn't it...but it's not. Follow this link to the cover blog I did for this story and discover how Cody, a non-believer in all things elven, not only becomes a believer, but one of their most ardent allies.

EARTHLY FORCES by Kevin Hopson. Kevin knows how to make the hair on your arms stand up, look around, and hunt for escape. This talented spinner of spine-tingling stuff never disappoints. Follow the link to the cover blog I did for his book, where a lighthouse is the scary backdrop for things that go bump not just in the night.

SANTA IS A LADY by L.J. Holmes. This is definitely another Christmas Story. What would you do if you own a candy/gift shop and five days before Christmas your Santa is arrested? Who you gonna arm-twist into filling the jolly old elf's red suti, and what storm does that set off?

Once more this can be considered an early Christmas gift to yourself, or a must read when it's too hot to handle this coming summer and you need a little cooling down. Follow the link to the cover blog I did for this story to learn more about the people who live within the pages of SANTA IS A LADY.

RESURRECTION GARDEN by Frank Scully. Frank takes us back to the rough and tumble days of North Dakota when law and order was handled by the man with the star. This is the first in Frank's Mystery Decade Series...so never will there be a better time to check out the blog posting I did for him and then hop-skip-and jumping over to the Muse Bookstore for this story at this incredible sale price.

Years of jobs, kids, and other family demands can take the excitement out of a marriage. But when neighbors become lovers, suddenly new and unexplored worlds can open up. Especially when they go "Boating with the Buttermores".

Also check out the home page at Muse for the link to all kinds of specials just waiting for you to snatch them up.

At Muse Publishing Inc., our goal is to create a team that becomes the dream...the dream of reading excellence for us all...so thank you for becoming a part of our dream.

~Building the Team to Achieve the Dream~

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Lin. I've already got a couple of them, but a couple I still need to get.