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Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's not every day the Universe creates a mix-breed quite like this one...Her name is Jade Carver and she's

part vampire AND

part Nordic goddess. Holy

Valhalla...add to that she has this really cool

indestructible sword...so how come she's not one hundred percent invincible?

I asked that question too. Personally, I think

the Universe has a wicked sense of humor, but then what do I know? The sword, you see, doesn't always appear when she wants it to. I'm not sure, but I don't think that is a GOOD thing!

Aeron Blake enters her life and she knows trouble walked right in with him. 

He's telepathic...with a twist...and then some. To start with he has a telepathically controlled elven blade. Now everybody knows elven blades are the strongest in every planet known to modern science. 

The fact that HE can control his

blade while hers is...to put it nicely...capricious...should have had her shaking in her leather boots...and it DID...just compared to what else there was about Aeron, controlling the blade was nothing.

You want to know what else there is? You really want me to say it, right here where who knows who else is listening?  I may be blonde but I am NOT dumb. You're going to have to come a little closer...noooo. closer. 

She's got......feelings...you know the kind she should have outgrown long ago. It's hard to be worried about the blade when she's more worried about what she wants to do whenever Aeron's breathing the same air space as her. It's just not fair...and never more so than now.

Jade just learned that The Chameleon wants a piece of her, and somehow she doesn't think his designs on her are as hot and steamy as those Aeron always exudes.

WHAT?! You haven't HEARD of the Chameleon? Have you been camping underneath

 a rock somewhere? Was that rude? Forgive me. I'm really under a great deal of pressure here to report this right.

The Chameleon...it's this creature that can turn into anything it touches. In other words if it touches Aeron...

NOW do you get why Aeron's coming back into Jade's life right now is not just a tad bit, upsetting?

Is the Aeron she's seeing standing before her right now, the REAL Aeron, or is she in the presence of The Chameleon?

THE CHAMELEON'S BITE by Erika Gilbert debuts from the Muse It Up Publishing side of MUSE PUBLISHING, INC. in April, 2011

Trust me you do NOT want to miss this book.

Between now and then, you can follow

Erika Gilbert on her Muse Author's Page AND

the Muse Bookstore's sale page for THE CHAMELEON'S BITE.

And remember at Muse Publishing Inc. we are ALL working very hard to continue...


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Erika Gilbert said...

Your pictures and words summerise my novel far better than I ever could, Lin. Thank you :)

Jenna Storm said...

Sounds like a great story Erika and I like the way you presented it Lin along with the pics.

Jenna Storm said...

How could I forget the cover?! I love it.

Lea said...

As always you seem to hit the nail with the stories, Lin. Great job.

And here's wishing you tons of success, Erika.

Kat said...

I am so looking forward to reading this.:-)

S.Durham said...

Lin great job! (as if it could be anything else)...

I've been looking forward to this story Erika, and it's almost here:)

Cheers, Sara

Susan Hornbach said...

A wonderful post Lin. Great Job! The Chameleon's Bite sounds like a must read. Loved the pictures, as always.