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Friday, March 4, 2011



are supposed

to cherish their children. Parents are supposed

to love their children. Parents are supposed

to protect their children.

Parents are not supposed to force their children to lie to hide the truth about their

violence against their children. Children are not supposed to run to avoid more cruelty at the hands of those parents...right?

Yet that is what Jude Evans knows he must do. If he does not run, Jude fears he won't survive inside, where his heart lives, until his eighteenth birthday.

Like a thief in the night, Jude stealthily slips away, his heart beating, his throat closed, and his eyes turning constantly to look over his shoulders. 

His first calm breath came only when the

bus had finally pulled away and placed a good ten miles between it and his home town.

Where was the bus going? He hadn't cared when he bought the ticket...all that mattered was that it get him away right now.

Glancing down at his bus stub, he saw that he was heading for Philadelphia, PA. 

Stepping from the bus, he looked around at the huge terminal and felt renewed fear. 

It's hard being a kid with no job, no money, no relations, no friends, and nowhere to go and place your weary head. Kids are NOT supposed to worry about such things, and it was so unfair that he had no other choice.

Leslie Diaz saw the young, frightened boy disembark and something made her go to him and start chatting him up. 

Quickly she learned enough to know she was going to help him once she remembered that 206 Kingston Street was an

abandoned shop where Jude would find safety...at least for now.

On the way there, Leslie told Jude what little she knew about 206 Kingston Street.

Rumor has it its owners simply disappeared twenty years ago, and no one would look for him there...but once over the threshold, the teens no longer felt quite so secure in believing the place really WAS abandoned.

An eerie presence seemed to hover in the loud silence surrounding them

What secrets does 206 Kingston Street hold? What really happened twenty years ago when those shop owners disappeared?

Mystery enshrouded in mystery seems to echo in the sound of their own footfalls.

What will Jude and Leslie learn? Or should they just turn around and

run as fast as their young legs will carry them?

206 KINGSTON STREET by Daniel Philbin will release from Muse It Up Publishing in April 2011.

Until then you can read more about Daniel by checking out his Muse Book Store, Sale page, and his Muse It Up Publishing Author page.

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S.Durham said...

Great premise Daniel, can't wait to find out what happens to Jude and Leslie, and what they find!

Lin your pictures and dialogue drew me right on in:)


Daniel Philbin said...

Thanks LJ Holmes and S. Durham.
Jude doesn't think his parents are going to kill him, he just wants to escape their abuse. Small detail though, and I suppose it doesn't really matter. I really enjoyed the blog.
Daniel Philbin

Lin said...

Daniel, I made the changes. Sara, thanks. You are always so generous in your reviews of my cover blogs.